20.10.2019 - CAVALLI VIP

Cavalli VIP is a unique one stop shop for racing enthusiasts. Instead of paying for a subscription and going through the hassle of putting on the bets, trying to get fair price.


Cavalli Racing have decided to offer an all in one service where we take care of the bets, putting them on, keeping track of your bank etc and all our customer must do is sit back, watch the races and his/her betting bank grow.


We can offer this due to our relationships and contacts within the industry. So instead of paying a subscription fee, a management fee will be deducted from the winning bets, which is currently 7.5%. This means for Cavalli Racing to earn any money we need to ensure you our clients earn money; this ensures we work harder for you.


How does it work?

The customer once confirmed their desired betting bank, transfers the money, then sits back and monitors their banks progress through the information provided by Cavalli Racing.



  • No hassle getting bets on

  • No hassle trying to search round getting the best odds, less emotion in your trades, meaning better chance of success.

  • No subscription fees

  • More time for you


What is the minimum and maximum bank required?

The betting bank requirements are as follows:

  • £500 for £25 5% rule

  • £1000 for £50 5% rule

  • £2500 for £125 5% rule

  • £5000 for £250 5% rule


Can I see what stakes and odds have been achieved?

Each customers information will be on a dedicated webpage that will indicate current betting bank level, plus the bets and odds achieved. Alternatively, this will be issued via a weekly report direct to your inbox or via a PDF to your WhatsApp.


What Staking Plan Will be employed?

We will be utilising a combination of a fixed staking plan and the 5% betting bank system to ensure clients are not over exposed and longevity/long term gains can be achieved.




It is essential that our investors realise that we are only placing the bets on your behalf and this is  not a regulated financial product. Which is why we are so keen to ensure that our clients understand the risks as well as the benefits. It is possible that a prolonged run of poor performance of the model could lead to the loss of your some or all of your investment, despite the excellent historic performance that alone is not sufficient reason to invest in any product. Cavalli Racing is fully aware that an obsessive risk management strategy is key to ensuring the long-term success of any trading system and as such we employ a number of techniques to ensure our continued success and ensuring that our investors continue to receive the very high returns we have demonstrated to date.


Performance Fees - Fund Managers, Stockbrokers and Financial Advisors normally take a percentage fee of your investment regardless of their performance. If the stock market loses 10%, they still take their 1.5% fee or more. At Cavalli Racing we only share in your profits. Therefore, in order for us to be paid anything at all, we need to make you a profit. If you lose money, we do not take any fee whatsoever. Thus, you can be assured that we are 100% focused on making sure that you make as much profit as possible.


Finally, we would like to close by being brutally clear. There is a risk that you could lose your entire investment, our past performance does not guarantee future profits.

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