20.10.2019 Cavalli Racing KODIAC System CIP


Kodiac SYSTEM CIP (Cavalli Investment Pool)


Cavalli investment pool is a fund made up of 50% Cavalli money and 50% Investor monies.


This is so we can get greater exposure to the Betting Exchange market gaining greater monetary growth.


The main liability will be taken on board by Cavalli Racing with the remainder made up of the CIP investors drawing on 5% of the CIP value.


Only utilising a 5% value of the CIP gives our investors exposure to the exchange whilst maintaining control should a market event go against us.



  • No hassle putting LAY bets on

  • Exposure to a highly profitable fund

  • No subscription fees

  • Min £100 Investment - £2000.00 Maximum to avoid over dominant potholder from gaining lion’s share of distributed profits

  • % of pot dependent upon Investment; however, we want to control over dominant holders, hence our restriction on Maximum investment. (this may change once we get a feel of liquidity)

  • Cavalli Own Monies applied to Pot to reduce investor liability

  • 7.5% Management fee taken from each winning bet, nothing paid on losses. This ensure we perform for our investors

  • Compounding Profits

  • Members will be given a dedicated page on the website to view how the fund is performing or be issued with a fortnightly/monthly report via email or PDF on WhatsApp


The fund will be exposed to the BETFAIR exchange in the form of Lay betting, in essence we are betting for a horse not to win!!


Through exhaustive research, we have found a solid negative against certain types of horses that over the past 5-10 years and BETA tested this year, the horses basically fail to win under certain conditions and price points.


Below is the table from the BETA test Phase:




The table below covers the last 18 months:


As you can see these are truly great results; however, WE ALWAYS TREAD CAREFULLY AND WITH CAUTION!!


Distribution of Pot Fund & Winnings


Each Investor will get a percentage share of the pool based on your holding; this will also determine how the winnings get applied to each account.

Access to Funds (Withdrawal)


You can withdraw all or any part of your holding at any time, you can also add to your initial deposit at any time (up to a £2000 maximum Holding). We recommend that your investment stay within the CIP for a minimum of 1 year.

If you decide to withdraw your monies, the final value will be dependant on the % holding of the Pot on the day it was requested to be withdrawn.



It is essential that our investors realise that this is a betting investment pool or syndicate and not a regulated financial product. Which is why we are so keen to ensure that our clients understand the risks as well as the benefits. It is possible that a prolonged run of poor performance of the model could lead to the loss of your some or all of your investment, despite the excellent historic performance that alone is not sufficient reason to invest in any product. Cavalli Racing is fully aware that an obsessive risk management strategy is key to ensuring the long-term success of any trading system and as such we employ a number of techniques to ensure our continued success and ensuring that our investors continue to receive the very high returns we have demonstrated to date.


Performance Fees - Fund Managers, Stockbrokers and Financial Advisors normally take a percentage fee of your investment regardless of their performance. If the stock market loses 10%, they still take their 1.5% fee or more. At Cavalli Racing we only share in your profits. Therefore, in order for us to be paid anything at all, we need to make you a profit. If you lose money, we do not take any fee whatsoever. Thus, you can be assured that we are 100% focused on making sure that you make as much profit as possible.


Finally, we would like to close by being brutally clear. There is a risk that you could lose your entire investment, our past performance does not guarantee future profits.

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