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Welcome to our new horse racing advisory service Cavalli Racing. My name is Anthony and I have been in and around horse racing for 25+ years, as a on course bookmaker in the early stages then I have made a living through my investments in racing. When i say INVESTMENT most people will say it is a GAMBLE.

Is it a Gamble or an Investment?

Of course we all like a 25-1 winner but people with money consider a short price sure-fire winner more as an investment that a gamble. After all, you can't tell me that putting £10k into the stock market is anything more than a gamble, and the returns are rarely more than 10% per year. A £500 bet at even money will give you almost one hundred percent profit in five minutes flat, even when the odds are ‘evens’ (1-1). Now is that an investment or a gamble if you have a bit more “information” than the average punter? Betting on ‘dead certs’ is quite popular among those with the money and of course the confidence.
The Sunday Times once reported on an Essex woman who bet £88,000 that Labour would win a clear majority of seats in the election (‘odds on’ of 1-7); Rangers would win the Scottish Premiership (odds of 1-12); plus another £50,000 on Labour winning the most seats and Manchester United winning the English Premiership.

Look at the above bets again. 1-7 means that for a £7 bet you win £1 only! 1-12 means that for every £12 you bet, you win back just one pound! Silly bets? Crazy odds? Well you may think so but as a combination bet she walked away with £25,199.05 profit. So don’t think you have to always back long odds to get good returns. Now don't think for one moment this is the route I'm taking you down, it’s not. I'm merely trying to change your way of looking at things. You don't need 25-1 winners to make money so don't come into this with any preconceived ideas.

My entry into horses and the betting game is a bit of a family affair, starting from a young age going to the races in the early 90's with my father who was also introduced to horses from his father.

I was intrigued about how he would put money down and end up with more over a long period of time based on his knowledge of the form book, from then on I was hooked.

My father had a close circle of friends who would compare notes on the racing for the forthcoming day, one of these was a bookmaker at the races who had pitches all over the country. This is where my involvement in betting/trading really took off.


The bookmakers Tic Tac was leaving at the end of the season and the question was put to me if I would be interested in learning the trade (and also the Bookies Secret Hand Signals), I jumped at the chance.

I spent 6 months understanding prices/handling volumes and hedging positions. I started off dealing with hedging to start with and slowly started to relay bets to other Tic Tac's in the ring.

For a young man in his late teens this was thrill a minute going to different tracks each day and meeting so many different characters.

As time passed and I got more confident and more recognised on course, I had a offer from a bookmaker, who dealt in large volumes with big credit clients and telephone accounts, if i would work for him the following season.

From day one it was certainly a eye opener especially at the big meetings where the bets could be extremely large (£10k-£40k) and hedging was a critical part of his business. I relished the extra responsibility and it certainly got me thinking about the future.

Following 3 years in that position, I made my move into independent racecourse bookmaking. This was due to big changes for on course pitches as anyone from the public could now go to auction and buy a pitch.

Myself and 2 associates raised the capital to buy some pitches of our own at tracks we had pinpointed that would be good from a investment point of view. We started in spring 1999 and reinvested our profits into buying more pitches to grow the business. Over the course of the next 2 years we had 11 pitches in our portfolio and were looking to the future for more purchases, but something else had caught my eye to which I had started to migrate too..........BETFAIR.

I was at first intrigued about the possibility of laying/hedging but not at the racecourse. The start of the online revolution.

The more I delved into the exchange the more I could see the opportunities this was providing, so after a winter of trading I made a decision to leave the racecourse business and solely trade on Betfair.

In those early days things were so different to what they are now and with a simple understanding and patience things were working out well for me financially. .

After many great years the dreaded premium charge started a 20% tax, that I would have to pay Betfair for handling my business on the exchange, I was told this would be the only charge I would ever pay, fast forward 18 months I received a phone call explaining that due to my profitability I was being moved up to 60% commission, after 3 months this was the end of the line with Betfair.

So on to my next venture and with the advancements of computers, data collection and statistics, I started to build a database incorporating horses, breeds, weights, course form, ground form, speed, strike rates, progeny, distances, goings etc etc basically all the information that could be obtained.


From the database I generate horse racing investments through an algorithm based on data mining of previous events and knowledge of the form book.


Having been successful with this algorithm over the past 3 years, I thought to myself  - Why keep this to myself, when I can help others make money and give them enjoyment also - This is where Cavalli Racing was born.


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